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Answers to questions

Q: What is the most important aspect to develop during Chi Gong and Tai Chi Practice

A: Relaxation (song) should be the main focus when practicing Chi Gong and Tai Chi, relaxation of the muscles, relaxation of the mind and body, just simply let go.
This can be quite difficult if you are unaware of any tension in the mind body and spirit, but awareness develops with practice, correct tuition and over time, patience and focus needs to be developed in the impatient and un-focused.


Q: Why is Tai Chi and Chi Gong practice so good for the skeletal joints

A: executing correct regular exercise such as chi gong and tai chi could help bring pain relief
because the slow deliberate movements can promote joint nourishment, the slow movements gently squeeze the porous spongy part of the *cartilage encouraging joint fluid movement in and out of the cartilage keeping it moistened and pumped up with synovial fluid.
Synovial fluid
Synovial fluid is a slippery joint lubricant that is excreted from the synovium into the capsulate space that surrounds all the joints in the body. Tai chi and chi gong are ideal exercise conditions for muscle toning and they encourage healthy production and movement of synovial fluid within the joints.

*Cartilage: connective tissue made up of layers of gel like collagen. There are different types of cartilage throughout the body. Hyaline cartilage is a tough and absorbent form of cartilage that lines the ends of the joints.







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