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Outside Qigong/Tai Chi Classes

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2018 August weekly outside classes are available on Sundays in Dorset.preparation form

The locations and times of the classes will be posted on this page.

The classes will range from an early morning session in a summer woodland, forest, park or similar natural setting to a lunch time meeting in the park with evening or morning classes on the beach and are subject to weather conditions.

Summer Outside Training

Outside Summer classes (3rd Year), start from £5 a session; but are free to current students and £3 for current students family and friends.

Weekly Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan classes - 10am Sunday Mornings
@ Portland Esplanade Terraces "The Waves" (grass area opposite Quiddles Cafe')

view from the grassy waves down along chiswell beach
This is an awsome oppututnity to practice some Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong with a world heratiage view of Chiswell beach and the Olympic rings of Portland
All Welcome!
olympic rings portland

The outside tai chi/chi gong meeting consist of chi gong and tai chi:
Yogic breathing will only be taught to inside classes. The clothing worn during a class should be loose and comfortable, shoes preferably flat.


Winter outside classes are exclusively a day time event.

Outside Winter classes a session
Unemployed ...£2
Pensioner ........£3
Employed.... ...£4

Winter Outside Classes

The outside classes start again in spring.
Note: times and venues will change with the seasons and weather please keep checking with this page to discover the venues and time season sensitive updates.

Weymouth sea front taijiMeet along the beech! Note: classes will not proceed in poor weather conditions.Weymouth seafront

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Guychi instructors reserve the right to exclude anyone from any class without any explanation or refund.

About Taiji Outside:
Tai chi masters of old knew through meditation and being at one with nature that air outside was more natural and good for the mind, body and spirit (three treasures).

Outside Science:
Modern science has now identified that the air we breathe in contains vitamins, minerals and other cool stuff like negative ions which are abundant in fresh clean air that is still and peaceful in a natural setting (like near a waterfall or in a forest on a warm summers/cool gentle winters day etc.).
Negative ions in the air are scientifically proven to make us feel good and healthy. 

Inside Science:
Meeting rooms inside with air conditioning and central heating destroy negative ions and make the air sterile but are a necessary environments for people to socialize/learn/practice tai chi and chigong during bad weather and the winter months.

Personal Tai Chi & Chigong Instruction - Anywhere

About Personal Training
Personal or small group instruction only - venue of your choice (home or hall or outside).

Specializing in Qigong and Taiji (chigong walking) Qi therapy and Taiji healing techniques

What do you want to learn
Is there a particular Taiji form or Qigong exercise routine you want to learn? let me know and I will tailor the session to that request.

You supplying the venue
One on one training (90 minutes) only £80 a session with you supplying the venue
Pay for 10 sessions in advance £700 (saving £100)

guychi supplying the venue
£90 a 90 minute session with guychi supplying the venue
Pay for 10 sessions in advance £800 (saving £100)

Sessions/classes booked outside of the Weymouth & Portland area have an extra fee attached for expenses.
Please email to discuss further your lesson plan and fees.

Sessions can consist of Qigong only or Tai Chi Chuan only or Qigong &Taiji.
The session can also a be pre-arranged exercise set chosen from one of the guychi films or books

Sessions can consist of Qigong only or Tai Chi Chuan only or Qigong &Taiji.
The session can also a be pre-arranged exercise set chosen from one of the guychi films or books

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martial arts finder - to locate a martial arts club in your area:
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Famous Martial Artists
Some of the more well known kung fu artists that are world famous come from being on film or television, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan (wiki - Youtube), Jet Li (wiki - Youtube), Michelle Yeoh (wiki - Youtube) Chinese Kung Fu film and Television stars and the Wing Chun master that these martial some artist studied at one time Ip Man. American and European include Chuck Norris (wiki - Youtube), Lucy Liu (wiki - Youtube), Elvis Presley (wiki - Youtube), John Saxon (wiki - Youtube), Jason Statham (wiki - Youtube), Dwayne Johnson (wiki - Youtube), Jean Claude Van Damme (wiki - Youtube) and David Carradine (wiki - Youtube) to name but a few.

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