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The first meeting will lasts approximately 2 hours.

What happen at a meeting:
Each meeting will start off a weigh in, followed by yogic breathing exercises training to prepare the body for each session and to set up a muscle memory that is subliminally self motivating when it comes to say no to those extra calories, a short, gentle karate class to gauge each participants fitness levels, followed by a low level hypno-relaxation and 2 needles/2 acu-points of acupuncture taster.
Note: the weigh in is every monday, and monday classes will typically be a karate self defense session.

The Hypnotherapy session approximatly 1 hour
Yogic breathing exercises routine, the group will next sit or lay down and the instructor will conduct a group session of relaxing hypnotherapy with encouraging positive suggestions to the subconscious helping the mind to reframe into a weight loss mode, suggesting the thought process allows weight loss to happen whilst accepting smaller portions of food, and pacing food hunger in a positive way, with the help of aromatherapy-aromamasking if needed.

The Acupuncture session approximatly 1 hour
This session starts again with gentle Chinese yoga breathing followed by, sterilizing and preparing acupuncture points, followed with a body acupuncture treatment to help with weight loss and portion size control. The needles are in the points for about 30 minutes, this session will also include small needles embedded into the ears to enhance and prolong the acupuncture therapeutic energetic's already applied.

The Karate session approximatly 1 hour
The karate class consists of a warm up, with stretching and some gentle aerobics followed by instruction of correct karate kicking and punching techniques followed by self defense training. Karate hara chanting of ki ai will be shown and practiced throughout the class to stir the ki (qi).

Robin is a Black Belt in karate and is experience in teaching high quality Karate

All students will get a PDF book on diet and hunger strategies, 8 brocades PDF and DVD with subliminal messages, instruction in weight loss yoga breathing, 8 brocade chi gong exercise instruction and (group) hypnosis for 10 weeks.
You will also get 10 weeks of karate training and acupuncture (1 session a week). All outside guychitaichi classes are also included as part of the guychi weight loss program, so you have the option to exercise in-between sessions with karate and tai chi sessions
Note: All outside tai chi/chi gong classes are included as part of the guychi weight loss program.

Guychi weight loss plan includes direct intellectual intervention through focused subliminal hypnotic suggestion, acupuncture, aromamasking, karate exercise and food education to help lose fat-weight,
and keep it off.

8 Brocades
The 8 Brocades DVD with subliminal messages to encourage weight loss will be given to all students that attend the January 2018 class (to practice at home).
The 8 Brocades will be a typical form practiced through the outside classes.

Please note that meetings are restricted to no less than 10 per session .

Note: prices and availability may vary and can be subject to change at any time. Full payment must be made before your first meeting. Because of the nature of hypnosis you cannot sit in on a session. Classes will be limited to 20 or under, book in advance to avoid disappointment. guychi reserves the right to exclude any member without giving a reason at anytime.

The meeting starts with a weigh in:
Each participant will be asked to step on the scales, the weight they show will be recorded and noted to be used as a comparison for the following week.

The amount of weight that is lost by the class as a whole will be written on this site each week.

About the subliminal messages in the meeting used on the DVD

The guychi original soundtrack incorporates a slowing fetal heartbeat with positive subliminal messages for relaxation, health promotion and weight loss suggestions for the subconscious to act upon.

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weight managment experienceThe Ultimate Metaphysical Weight Loss Class

How it works

Subliminal Messages:
Positive subliminal messages are used by advertising on a daily basis in newspaper/TV ads/product placement and are usually aimed and picked up by the subconscious.
guychi takes advantage of the fact that the subconscious can act upon subliminal suggestion by producing this fantastic sound track for the DVD to help the listener lose weight.

The Subconscious:
The subconscious monitors aspects of daily life in the background and only makes us aware of any background processes if it has an affect on us in anyway, such as: driving a car that is going to crash - our subconscious may give us a warning to brake in the last second so that a crash does not happen, and because our subconscious reacted we can go on with our daily business safely after the danger has passed.
The subconscious may remind us suddenly of something we should be doing at that moment (attending an important meeting or turn off the oven as you go out the door) by popping a thought into your conscious.
The subconscious is always working, and because it is always working (telling you it is time to eat, go to the toilet, you are now ready to go to bed, breathing and making sure the heart pumps) it would be hard for us to go about our daily business if we were aware of what it was doing all the time, and that is why it is the subconscious.
The subconscious is really complex and controls a lot of our daily life as it envelopes our formative behavior from birth until the day we die.
Subconscious behavior is part genetic and part learned, and if you can learn something wrong for you (such overeating) you can also be re-trained into un-learning it or learning it right, which is eating the correct amount of calories for your height and build, whilst exercising regularly to help you to be fit and healthy.

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Obesity Article on yahoo November 20 - 2014 - Original report Sky news

Obesity Costs UK More Than War And Terrorism

Britain is being urged to take immediate action after a study revealed that obesity is a greater burden on the country than armed violence, war and terrorism.

The study, conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), said the UK's "obesity crisis" costs almost £47bn every year.

It comes second only to the £57bn annual toll smoking takes on the economy, it found.

"The global economic impact of obesity is increasing," the study said

"Today obesity is jostling with armed conflict and smoking in terms of having the greatest human-generated global economic impact."

Estimates on the total annual loss attributed to armed violence, war and terrorism reach £43bn.

The study blamed the growing crisis on an inadequate response from the Government, branding its policy on obesity as "too fragmented to be effective".

It also warned that investment in obesity prevention was "relatively low given the scale of the problem".

The MGI insists an urgent "co-ordinated response" is needed from the Government, retailers, restaurants and food and drink manufacturers to tackle the issue, recommending a series of new measures.

They include portion controls on fast food packaged goods, the introduction of healthy meals in schools and workplaces and more physical education in school curriculums.

Spending on obesity prevention programmes in the UK is less than £638m a year, the MGI says.

In contrast, the Government spends £6bn annually on treating conditions linked to being overweight or obese.

A further £10bn is spent on diabetes, it claimed.

Over 2.1 billion people worldwide are estimated to be overweight or obese.

The MGI said that figure is on course to rise to almost half the world's adult population by 2030.

We are designed to seek food – our drive to do so is essential to our survival and we have a complex system to control this. Recent research shows that following weight loss, levels of circulating hormones which affect our appetite tend to promote over-eating and weight regain.

Indeed, the Minnesota experiment published in 1950 showed that we tend to overeat after a period of energy restriction until fat mass has returned to or exceeded initial levels. And although we might consider fat a simple energy reserve, during periods of food shortage fuel partitioning is not straightforward – muscle protein is just as readily converted to energy which protects fat stores.

Blame the hunter-gatherers

It can be surprising to hear that excess fat is rigorously defended by our own bodies. However, a moment’s thought explains why this should be. Our physiology has been shaped over millennia by evolutionary processes which make us suited to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle – which necessitates high levels of physical activity and likely periods of famine and feast.

Those with thrifty metabolic adaptations, which favored storage of excess energy as fat would have been more likely to survive and pass on their genes. During periods of famine, the ability to hold on to stored fat would also have been advantageous. These adaptations which were once useful, are now causing unprecedented levels of obesity across all populations that lead a lifestyle characterized by low levels of physical activity and an abundance of food. In short, we are designed to store fat, and to keep it once we have it.

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weight managment experienceThe Ultimate Metaphysical Weight Loss Class

Designed for fat

To understand our physiology, we must understand homeostasis whereby biological systems are regulated mostly via negative feedback systems. Changes to a monitored condition (such as body fat) produce responses that oppose the change until the monitored condition returns to a “set point”. This seems to be the case for weight loss. A reduction of fat tissue results in changes in levels of hormones that typically lead to a return to the original level of fat.

Crucially however, this does not seem to be the case when dealing with weight gain. Our biological systems seem insufficiently powerful to return us to our set-point. Perhaps the environment is too overwhelmingly obesogenic? Or perhaps our physiology has always relied on an external event, such as famine or high levels of physical activity, to regulate body weight?

As long as the environment remains obesogenic, the problem of obesity will remain. We can no longer rely on our instinct to regulate body fat – we must now rely on our intellect.

Matthew Haines, Senior Lecturer in Health and Well being, University of Huddersfield

This article was originally published on The Conversation

Guychi weight loss plan includes direct intellectual intervention through direct subliminal hypnotic suggestion, exercise and food education to help lose fat-weight, and keep it off.

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Famous Martial Artists
Some of the more well known kung fu artists that are world famous come from being on film or television, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan (wiki - Youtube), Jet Li (wiki - Youtube), Michelle Yeoh (wiki - Youtube) Chinese Kung Fu film and Television stars and the Wing Chun master that these martial some artist studied at one time Ip Man. American and European include Chuck Norris (wiki - Youtube), Lucy Liu (wiki - Youtube), Elvis Presley (wiki - Youtube), John Saxon (wiki - Youtube), Jason Statham (wiki - Youtube), Dwayne Johnson (wiki - Youtube), Jean Claude Van Damme (wiki - Youtube) and David Carradine (wiki - Youtube) to name but a few.

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